Industries Commissionerate Udyog Bhavan Gandhinagar

NOTE : For Ref Purpose : Innovator Application Form ( As per Govt of Gujarat) :

Application Form for Innovators’/Startups’ to availing Assistance under Nodal Institutions for the Start Ups/ Innovation scheme – 2015

Eligibility & Conditions: ( Please Read Policy and Conditions carefully before submitting)

1. The applicant should be citizen of India. An Indian citizen is defined as one who is in possession of a government approved proof of nationality such as a valid passport, voter’s id Aadhar card, election card etc.

2. The applicant/ startup must be registered and have substantial operations based in Gujarat during the time of the grant and a significant part of operations in Gujarat after the tenure of the grant.

3. Startups must be register as LLP or private companies

4. The applicant is expected to be committed to exploring towards his Startups. Applicant should not treat this support as a stop gap arrangement to support them in their academic pursuits or transition between jobs.

5. Applicants are expected to pursue their entrepreneurial aspirations full time. They cannot be concurrent with any other remuneration or fellowship. a. If any other remuneration/ fellowship should be disclosed at time of application. The NI will determine in consultation with GoG if a waiver is in order, if the founder/ startup has another source of remuneration/ fellowship (for example, there could be complementary grants etc.)

6. Applicant seeking the support should demonstrate line of sight to build a scalable business startup. The background information needs to be provided in a prescribed format.

7. The applicant should propose one primary technology/ business idea in a prescribed format.

8. Applicant cannot be the promoter or significant (>10%) share holder / beneficiary of another company/ startup at the time of applying for and receiving the grant approval

9. The applicant should be registered for the pre-incubation or incubation program at the NI for 3-6 months before becoming eligible to apply for the GoG grant

10. The applicant must be incubated full time at the NI during the entire duration of GoG support

11. Preference shall be given for product/ science based innovation with intellectual property, unique product/ service/ business model which is either best in class or first in class with significant commercial potential

12. Entrepreneurs pursuing business ideas with no or marginal technology innovation or those with very short journey are discouraged to apply.

13. Applicant seeking support should have a formal business plan for the idea they intend to pursue and a business presentation.