How To Get Incubated

  • At the opening level, applicants for admission to the GTU Incubator will be required to submit an application in a Form, which can be availed from the S4 office or can be downloaded from here.
  • The application will be scrutinized by S4 team and will be forwarded to GTU Incubator panel for the selection process.
  • While submitting the application, applicants will have to disclose information on executive involvement of the promoters/ founders in other companies or commercial entities.

Based on the initial scrutiny of the application and affirmative assessment, applicants will be asked to submit a formal application for admission to TBI along with a detailed proposal comprising of the following documents:

1. Business Plan. (Prescribed format) BMC Available here

2. Details of IP/ technology based on which a company is proposed to be promoted/ founded. In case the IP/ technology is developed at GTU, a copy of letter of approval from GTU for transfer of / licensing of/ permission to use IP in favour of prospective incubatee companies.

Application Process

GTU Incubator Guidelines

Student Start-up Support System (S4) has been setup by Gujarat Technological University (GTU) at Ahmedabad, with an objective to provide technology commercialization and incubation opportunities to the 5,00,000 aspiring students of Gujarat Technological University. S4 is created with a sole aim of converting the remarkable potential of engineers and management students into technical and commercial achievements leading to India’s technical & economic renaissance. S4 aims to encourage Incubation & Innovation amongst the whole student’s fraternity and also among the small scale industries & large scale industries. The purpose of S4 is to bridge the gap between the industries, government as well as students. The main objective of S4 is to facilitate incubation of new enterprises with innovative technologies by admitting them in TBI and providing them physical, technical and networking supports and services. S4 promotes innovation and entrepreneurship by converting and translating technology ideas and innovation in various disciplines of science and engineering into products, processes and services for commercial exploitation and the benefit of society.

Policies and Procedures of GTU Technology and Business Incubator

Facilities of GTU Incubator

Upon admission to S4, the following infrastructure facility will be offered to the incubatee companies on an individual basis, apart from a set of shared/common infrastructure mentioned hereinafter:

  • Shared desk
  • LAN/Wifi Internet Connection
  • Common telephone line
  • Conference room (as available at S4)
  • Coffee vending machine
  • Photocopier/Printer/scanner
  • White board and markers